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 Food FROM  thoughts - to help feed costs

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Save horses, donkeys and ponies from destruction NOW !!!

So, for some people your heart is breaking and full of pain because the thing you didn't think you would have to do is in your face.  You've tried every which way to find feed or homes for your beloved equines and you're stranded.  

The local contractor (dogger) has said he thinks he can find a home for your darlings (but can't guarantee it) -   STOP RIGHT HERE because this is where it can all come undone !!!

The stuff we don't want to know about but that needs to be known far and wide - please spread the word

The carnage still goes on in Caboolture in 2010

This article appeared in The Horse Report August/September 2008 issue under the title of "Have A Heart" Rescue Animals - Save horses, donkeys and ponies from destruction for human European meat market

At last we only have one month of winter left and for some parts of the n.e. coastline we’ve had some marvelous rains to bring new hope for abundant pasture.  The promise of  much needed vegetation, the saving grace for our animals, and the possible recovery of fragile funding resources for owners has a chance to become reality once again. 

For many of course, this is too little and too late to have saved their situations for their animals.  Thousands of horses have once again passed through the Caboolture killing pens in our northern nsw & qld regions and many more than this throughout Australia generally.  The carnage continues.  It begs the question of whether owners know, and in some instances care, what happens when their equines are relinquished in the saleyards or via the doggers.  Do owners know that some unscrupulous doggers are actually slaughtering their beloved animals by any means they choose, illegally on their own properties, for greyhound/pet meat – of course it is all under the table.  The other horses waiting their fate can see, hear and smell what is happening and huddle together in panic.  There are non so blind as those that do not want to see , after all, owners would then need to question their own actions and be accountable for the outcomes of fear, pain  and suffering inflicted as a final reward for all the good times and glory these lovely and once adored creatures brought to them.  Perhaps the value of horses will only be recovered once restrictions on breeding occurs – we can’t afford to ignore our “disposable” mentality.  Equines could well become an interest/hobby only for the affluent - perhaps back to the future??  How much carnage does it take to change the attitude and values of a society, after all we haven’t had much conscience about cats & dogs – they still are being discarded by the truckloads. Think about the kids – quite a legacy isn’t it?

Throughout the last 2 months there has been an awakening to the plight by desperate owners in their sad situations.  There have been many phones calls for support  and amazing resolutions to problems where the animals have been re-homed without the transitional saleyard/dogger trauma – it makes a huge difference to the settling down in a new environment for them.  Those who have cared and been able to take on another horse have in many instances done so and in some instances multiple horses.  Older horses & ponies have been re-homed as companions lonely ones  and in some instances have become the proud steeds of loving families wanting a children’s horse.  There have been quite a few also that have been transported interstate including 4 weanling thoroughbreds bought from the doggers yards.  What a time these poor little ones have had. Amazingly, they are still all in one piece albeit traumatized by the experience because of no early handling.  It can be quite sickening to contemplate.

To all of the compassionate and genuine people who have sought to help save our equines “May the wind be forever at your back” – we applaude you from the depths of our hearts.  To those who may not understand the efforts being made by people saving and re-homing the horses & ponies we need to inform you that  both the horses saved and transport for them all had to be paid for by the new owners.  There have been no “free lunches”. 

Need support and ideas on how you may be able to save the day for your equines; scrounge up food resources from your local communities, please go to  In trouble and need to re-home a beloved equine, contact Lynda –  Roll on green carpet of Springtime!!  Bet Kay Animal Itch & Skin Remedies.

This article appeared in The Horse Report June/July 2008 issue under their heading

"Looking for alternatives to a grim end"

Who could have imagined last year that things were about the become worse than previously. Businesses going bust through many factors including Equine Influenza.  The hardships have certainly left many private horse owners facing heartache at the prospects of losing their beloved equines and it is heart-rending.  After the years of loving attention the least you think you can do is to find someone caring to provide even a little of the same. However, reducing the price you want doesn’t even bring any resolution – what will you do?   

Some well meaning owners of horses, donkeys and ponies are selling or giving them to contractors (doggers) in the belief that they are being re-homed – yeah, right!.  Hundreds of horses per day are being taken by contractors but are doomed for the knackeries.  Do you think it is  just our sick, tired, old or forgotten pals who are being sent off to be shunted, prodded and attacked by other animals in close quarters, suffering the loneliness, deprivation, coldness and despair of waiting an undeserving death in a stockyard – and is that a just

and fitting end anyway .  Well here is some news for the population – our young, strong, fit and beautiful are suffering the same fate too and guess what? It isn’t necessarily for the pet food market as if that isn’t bad enough.   We have quotas in Australia for supplying the European market with horse-flesh for human consumption too – it is a desirable meat to have and as some other countries are not able to supply, we’re picking up the quotas.  I was horror struck to find out that thousands of horses are being sold off to satisfy this demand.  The question now for the loving equine public is, are there alternatives to this.  Personally, I would rather have my beautiful horses despatched to their final resting place with a bullet to the brain by a capable marksman and buried in my own paddock or on the property of some kindly farmer knowing that nothing further could harm them.  We do have the control to do the greater thing for them – no suffering and no pain.  This is a process that many people could embrace before ever sending their old and sickly animals for further suffering to the knackeries.  Many owners need to ask themselves the question “ do I have the courage to do the right thing by my animals” or am I thinking only of my own feelings?  Need support and ideas on how you may be able to save the day for your equines, scrounge up food resources from your local communities, please go to or need to re-home a beloved equine contact Lynda -   Good luck and much strength to all.   

Bet Kay Animal Itch & Skin Remedies

So what can you do to help ?


 Food from  thought - to help feed costs 

NEWS!!  You may be able to qualify to receive free hay for your horses through   Equine Care Group - Carol & Wayne Weaver (07) 33722644


These measures aren't forever but until we can get through the feed crises can be a huge help

If you just give thought to the edible foods that people and businesses are throwing away every day that your horse could be eating it can change the amount of dollars you will be paying out for feed.

For instance, we have bakeries, small supermarkets, restaurants that probably are throwing out quite an amount of stale (not mouldy) bread and we haven't even considered households that throw out crusts.   (Always check through the foods carefully to remove any foreign objects or mouldy stuff).

Then we come to root vegetable and fruit peelings and most people are trying to use fresh fruit and vegetables every day - it is amazing the quantity of this stuff that can become available. It can be kept separately in a plastic bag in the fridge until collected.

School children can be encouraged to take over the responsibility of keeping fresh horse edible foods in plastic shopping bags in the fridge for depositing in the back of a collecting vehicle when a lolly pop or a couple of sweets are  awaiting them.  These kinds of missions can draw communities together in protecting their own people and livestock.   It can also be an education process for children regarding the responsibilities of looking after an animal.

These "donations" can be mixed with the cool supplement EquiFUEL which has been dampened with water and then feed out a couple of times a day to your equines .  The cool supplement is very high in fibre, protein minerals and oils and can make for a wholesome replacement for chaff and grains or legumes. 

A routine can be arranged to provide collection bags/bins at the end of roads and streets at times convenient to all say every 2nd day or 3rd day depending on how big your collection area is, so that you are not missing out streets.  Your kids can be highly involved in these activities.

A flyer can be typed up and then circulated through letterbox drop, schools etc to advise of what you are doing and why. They can be pinned up on boards at supermarkets and club rooms.   Most communities are only too keen to accommodate needy animals by keeping stuff they normally throw away.

You know,  you really can do it !!